Okay Okay I absolutely cannot stand it. Some of you black men are going overboard with your hate against black women. What exactly is the deal? I can’t fathom what it could be. Some of you categorize all black women into one claiming that we all aren’t crap. Then you wonder why black women have zero respect for you.

I seen a video that was so disgusting. I would share but it’s not worth it for several reasons. One the language in it was way too foul, it disrespected a woman’s child directly and I don’t want to help it earn money. My whole goal is to shed some light on this situation. It’s not drama it’s raising awareness. The madness most stop I mean you guys do know where you came from right? A black woman birth you into this world.

I plan on discussing this topic every chance that I get. Anyway the guy who made the video to take shots at a beautiful lady on YouTube Christelyn. She promotes swirling which is black women and white men interracial dating. Through I do not know her personally I sent her an email and she responded back promptly. She really does care about people.It’s so disappointing to see some black men bashing her on a daily basis. I wish people would allow this lady to do what she wants it’s not hurting anyone. To be honest I think because she’s successful the men who attack her are jealous. Whatelse could it be? She’s doesn’t wear wigs or weave so they can’t make the claim that she’s trying to be white although I feel that that has nothing to do with how black that a person is.

Look we as black people don’t have to love or like each other still we should respect one another. A black man is someone’s son, father, brother, cousin or grandson. Just like a black woman is someone’s daughter, mother, sister, cousin or granddaughter. We are all valuable to somebody one life touches another. I am not into bashing I believe in meeting people where they are. Still I will not lie the bashing that’s going on between black women and black men at times it bothers me. It’s deeper than black people who choose to date interracially there is some deep seeded hate and I am trying to figure out where it came from.

Are there some black people who could be doing better yes but it doesn’t mean they never will do better either. It’s just way too much finger pointing and too many negative people are spreading their poison around. With not one person taking ownership of what they should be doing.We have to do better it’s a must. I don’t care about how many times I write about it if it will help to push us into the direction of positivity.

Where is it written that if you are black that you must date black only? Just like why and how do people reach the conclusion that people who date outside of their race must hate their own race. Love is an energy people. When souls connect the person’s color is not involved. Love has no color everyone is entitled to love who they want as long as it’s within God will. Love is beyond black love or interracial love. God is in control. What is destined to be will be whether we like it or not.

It’s time to promote love and respect letting go of the hate that is going on between our black brothers and sisters. The generation behind us are watching us we have to get it together.



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