I put my heart on lock

You have the key

This is what I want to believe

As a mature woman

I feel life is too

Short to play games

Don’t  start something for nothing

Building a future with someone

Should not be done for fun

Other people hearts are involved

If you are hurt then

Allow yourself to heal

It’s not a big deal

If you feel that you have found

Love again if it’s real

It will not go anywhere

Don’t hurt someone else

Or cause unnecessary stress

If you are not ready

Don’t do it

It won’t be a real commitment

You say that you love me

You say that you will not

Make me angry or hurt me

Love is something that

I do not take lightly

Thus the words I Love You

Should not be thrown around freely

I want to believe what you say

But I don’t want to

Experience heartbreak

If what you say is true

And it’s proven valid

I will love you

Do what I am suppose to

Which is support you from

Here to the moon and beyond

We can do this arm and arm

Heart to heart

We can set the sky ablaze

Make others amazed

And they two become love crazed

I will make you

My prayer warrior, my lover

My King, My everything

Willing to do anything for

Each other cause it’s a team effort

I will not go away

I’m here to stay

We can do thing

You can believe every word

That I say




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