Number one a Christian must never forget about what lead them to their faith. I truly believe that it will help us to remain humble on our walk with Christ. Many times it was a tragedy that lead to a Christian’s choice and No I am not asking for anyone to live in condemnation or go back to where God delivered them from. But don’t looked down on anyone because of their struggles. We can all fall.

No matter what my fellow Christian sisters or brothers go through I will not judge them I refuse. When others walk out I will walk in and stay. This may sound crazy to some people but I believe when we see others going through a struggle that we are being tested too. Let me tell you why two reasons one it shows our character during a person’s time of need. It isn’t about the person it’s about how we choose to be. Second are looking at the person or are we looking to God. We can’t have part-time faith we all know how great God is and He always see everyone of us through. Therefore we must pray for understanding and the strength to help our fellow sisters and brothers according how God sees fit. We just have to allow Him to guide us and He will.

I realize that at times the only thing that we can do is pray. If praying is what we must do than we must do it as much as possible. Much prayer Much power, Some prayer Some power No prayer No power. Let’s encourage one another, be there for one and love one another at all times.


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