Yesterday was a beautiful day of course everyday is blessed, Yes! My birthday was absolutely awesome I received an huge amount of text messages, phone calls, inbox messages, emails and posts on my wall. It’s nice to feel loved that’s why  love was created.

Second day of my new age and it’s time to gain more insight than ever before. Want to let you guys in on a secret I love blogging it’s helping me to polish up on my grammar and dust the cobwebs off my brain getting the creative juices flowing. Yeah!!!

It’s so exciting and I am emancipating about what God has in store. I am super, duper pumped. My goals for Be Lifted is to talk about the things that are thought about in positive and encouraging way. I still want people to feel uplifting vibes when they read my blogs and listen to my podcasts these things are essential. Very ready to add to my vision with God in control the outcome will be wonderful always. Blessings to Everyone!


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