Time for a pep talk it will perk up your day like a strong cup of coffee. Yummy! Indeed while we are here we are to make the most of things. Have a great career, children, big house, being healthy and happy. There is nothing more important then knowing where is your soul going to go simple because while we are what we feel are most important won’t matter once we are gone.

So how are your eyes? Do you see the best in people? When was the last time you read the Bible? How is your hearing? Are you listening to people truly?How is your water intake? How much living water are you drinking? How is your heart? Do you feel compassion for others? How is your mind? Do you think of ways to encourage people? How are you hands? How often you put them together to pray? How is your diet? When was the last time that you fasted?  Most importantly how is your relationship with God have you ask Him to work on everything about you so you can be ready once He return. He is coming back.

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