I know what you are thinking “What?!? Tameeka is writing about Ozzy? Yes I am. Everyone knows that I love music and yes I enjoy some of Ozzy Osbourne’s music. This couple are in their sixties and are splitting up Ozzy is 67 and Sharon is 63. They are at social security ages. Things are so messed now a days. 

In a marriage there is no I in the word team. A husband and I wife are a team. My question is what made Ozzy do this? What made him cheat? I know that Sharon is busy did he feel neglected? I am not making excuses for Ozzy and it’s not okay to cheat still I would love to hear what he has to say.

I know that’s it’s hard being famous I never will be famous nor do I want to be. Celebrities can have the fame it’s not worth the headache. More than likely the woman that he was with did it because he is famous. One thing a man most keep in mind whether they are rich, famous, handsome, successful, poor etc if you are involved with a woman and you guys are happy a woman who tries to pursue you is no good. That woman wants what you have and want your woman’s happiness. Mature strong minded people understand that not everyone have the same chemistry together everyone is not meant to be your wife or husband. Everyone aren’t dynamite.If you have a good thing don’t mess it up it is just not worth it.

So the question is should Sharon stay or go? I guess it’s all about what she is willing to take. Cheating is one of the main reasons why marriages end. I just pray for marriages that are in trouble and the good marriages to stay strong. We know who is responsible for a marriage failing the evil one he comes to kill, steal and destroy. We can not let him win. God is in control and He will do what He sees fit.

4 thoughts on “The Ozzy and Sharon Split

  1. The photo that you chose speaks about something. She is looking at him with adoration and he is looking at the camera. I pray that they will be able to make amends. Marriage is good for society and especially ones that can endure difficulties.

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