Like a line dance

We step together

Your love is like no other

Higher than the highest

Amount of the lottery

Infinite like space

You are my compass

Without You I am lost

In You I place my full trust

Even though I can’t see You

I know that You are here

Doing everything that You

Can to show that You care

It’s so rewarding

For You I live and breathe

I am willing to do anything

You are all that I need

Without You I am nothing

No You No me

You are my everything

You are life

I pray to You

Nobody can love me

Like You do

Long to have the

Best relationship with You

You have brought me from

A long ways I am thankful

To You Father God always

All I want to do

Is spend my life

Showing You how special

That You are

The best part of my life

My mission from this day forward

Will always be

To have You see

Have You Believe

That if there is no You

There is no me

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