I know that it maybe hard to believe

But out of my whole entire life

I wouldn’t change a thing

The highs

The lows

The people that I have come to know

And some I have let go

It was all apart of

What was suppose to be

At the time

When I was hurting

And was constantly praying

For the hurt to end

For my heart to mend

For the strength to

Not think of complaining

Even at the time

When it seemed as if

The troubles were doubling

God stepped in

He stopped my hurting

I’ve gain knowledge

So I have learned

That you can’t have

A testimony without the test

A message came from a mess

You can’t have the rainbow

Without the rain and the mud either

Things got me to see things clearly

Everything that has happened

Has molded me

Into a better person

So that’s why I say

Out of everything that has occurred

In my whole entire life

I would not change

Not one thing


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