Milk has an expiration date, bread has an expiration  date even tough times has a expiration date. One thing that does not expire is a testimony. Every time we talk about a testimony it gives God praise. So we should tell it to as many people as we can anyone who will listen while we are breathing. Treat a testimony like a diamond should it off. That’s what I do and you should too. Testimonies encourages people so repeat it over and over like a scratched LP someone needs to hear it. Don’t worry about people who may be tired of hearing it let they can get some ear plugs or cotton balls. As a matter of fact they can not listen, hey problem solved.  Our blessings comes from God and not man. Don’t get me wrong I don’t praise Him for the blessings. I will praise Him regardless of what I get. Give God His praise and don’t be ashamed do it all day if you want to. We should never hold back not with all that God has done.

Psalm 150:6

Let every thing that hath breath praise the Lord. Praise ye the Lord.

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