Have you ever heard of the fashion police? You know the people who grades people for what they wear and ticket them.Well that’s how I feel about some of the Super Christians who goes around behaving like the police. They ticket everyone else’s moves except their own. Yeah I said it! I’m never surprised when a secret of theirs is exposed. Look I know that I fall short we all do. Stop worrying about the people who are in the church, has a relationship with God and share their faults pray for them. These people are on their way to heaven God will help them to get there. Worry about the people who are on their way to hell they are the ones who needs the most help.

One of my Facebook friends had a hurtful post she wrote that some of the cruelest Not coolest are some of the people who calls themselves Christians. We have to do better. Souls are being lost and I don’t want to be the reason why someone goes to hell ever. It’s never okay for even one soul to be lost forever. That’s why I stay passionate about my walk with God and compassionate about others. I want everyone to make it to Heaven for us all to walk the streets of gold. I want to hear well done my faithful servant no others words hold so much meaning to me than those from God almighty. Oh what a blessing it would be.

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