You guys already know that eventually I was going to go there. Here on Be Lifted the things that are thought about are talked about. I keep it positive always. Still  we can’t ignore situations they won’t go away. In my opinion sexting is something that married people can do to keep things interesting. Surprise your spouse with something tasteful and something that you feel comfortable doing. Let’s not act like intimacy is suppose to be boring even God said to be fruitful and multiple. Did He say vegetable? I rest my case.

The pain of sexting is doing it for someone that you are not married to. Definitely would Not advise that at all!!! It will back fire it always does you better think before you press the send button. It takes a lot of trust and know that there are a whole lot people walking around who should Not be trusted. Everyone doesn’t deserve a VIP pass. If there are Not your spouse think it over.

2 thoughts on “The Pleasure and Pain of Sexting

  1. Sexy texts between married people is fine. Just be sure you double-check who you are sending it to. I have sent a text to the wrong person a couple of times, luckily they weren’t naughty.
    Also, make sure you know your spouse is right at their phone. You don’t want someone at their work to lo pick it up and see your message.

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