You are the sunrise

To my sunset

Your beautiful words

Makes my heart melt

I want our hearts

To bump into one another

Like crash test dummies

But our love is true

It isn’t funny

Two smart individuals

Who allow their feelings to spill

Secret for what

There’s no hiding

What we’ve got

So the truth is out

Like the sun

On a summer day

What we have won’t go away

Even if we stop talking

To one another today

Our feelings will not fade

Our love doesn’t rely

On close contact to exist

Some people need an audience

To prove what they got

Not us

We don’t look for validation

From others but from one other

That’s what real love

Is all about

This is how I feel

Without a doubt

You are the day

To my night

Even when it’s dark

You are my light

The best romances

Are those that no one

Saw coming

Surprise here we are

And what we’ve got

Is going to make it far


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