Addiction is something that goes beyond drugs, alcohol and pornography it can be food, sex and social media. Whatever the problem is the first step is admitting that you have a problem. Denial about a problem only prolongs the situation. When you accept the problem seek help from God and confide in someone that you trust. Please do not suffer in silence.

When you don’t get help that is when the evil one strikes with his lies because he is the father of them. He’ll tell you that you are a hypocrite, that you are worthless, that no one cares about you and that you can’t beat your addiction. The way to beat him is to forget all of his lies and remember the promises that God told you.

God didn’t put us here to suffer. He wants us to thrive. Overcome addiction it not only affects you but everyone that’s around you. Family and friends don’t want to see you hurt. Definitely get healed to help yourself still there are many who truly care some you may have no idea about.

God knew you before you were born there’s nothing that He doesn’t know. And there’s no problem that He can not solve. You can win but you can’t quit. Everyone has a battle they maybe different still a fight is required. Stay prayed up. Stay focused. You can do this.


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