Lord I want You

In my life

Because I need You

In my life

No just when I am hurt

No just when I am alone

No just when I have been wronged

Not just when I am confused

Not just when I am feeling blue

Lord I need You

Because I am nothing without You

I have tired to do things

On my own and my way

And the result is always

One of an bad ending

When I should have consulted

You in the beginning

Past mistakes taught me

About having pride

And an ego

I will not let You go

And I ask You to

Please forgive me

I know better now

I see clearly

Lord I want You in life

For always

Not just when things

Are going wrong

But when things are going right

I know the good is because of You

So I want You

To be apart of everything

My happiness

My children

My money

My future marriage

My victories

So when I feel the need

To call on you every now and then

It won’t be  like it’s from a stranger

But more like a friend


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