A strong believer

Always looks at a negative

As a positive

Which is an awesome way to live

A strong believer doesn’t

Stay sad

Cause they know that

What was meant for bad

Will be made into good

We should think of

Joseph brothers

Who were mean and jealous

Sold him for silver

Yet he still believed

In God Almighty

Joseph boss wife lied

Had him thrown

Into prison

He still believed

Regardless of how

Things were looking

In the end

God had His Glory

Job loss everything

Even though he was

Left with absolutely nothing

He still believed

He had faith in knowing

That God never stops helping

With everything that happens

It has reasoning

In the end Job

Had double of what he

Had in the very beginning

It’s not about the physical blessings

It’s knowing that

God is not a part-time God

Just hold on

The problem will soon

Be solved

Hold on you will soon see

Just believe

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