It’s a television show that I watch that’s called Snapped. The show is about women who kill men. Majority of the time when these women goes to trial they claim that they were victims of domestic abuse. Understand I am no way saying that murder is okay and neither is abuse. The result always end the same every time the women are convicted mostly because when the police interview the couples family and friends no one saw any evidence of violence. Plus it doesn’t help that people have an misconception of what domestic violence looks like actually it’s a obvious thing that’s well kept hidden. Many people who are abused are ashamed to tell anyone what’s going on they always live in constant fear of their lives and their children’s lives as well.

Talking about Oscar winning performance an abuser can put on a show. No one suspects anything at all people on the outside think things are perfect. Not to mention how hard it is for the one who’s being abused hearing the abuser tell them that they are sorry, them buying things and promising to never hurt them again only to do it.

One of my first post is called Stay or Go as I have shared I had an abusive father and so was my ex the father of our sons. We have to educate ourselves on domestic abuse it can happen to anyone believe me I know from experience. It’s important to know what to look for here are a few:

1. The person who is being a abused attitude will completely change they will be unhappy and withdrawn.

2. The person who is being a abused will move far away and distance themselves from others.

3. Their children will be unhappy as well.

There are many more signs still what’s most important is if you suspect that someone ( men are victims too)that care about is being abused keep the line of communication open. If you find proof seek help you could save a life not just the one who is being abused but the abuser too. We must shed a light on domestic violence and the person who is being abused must speak up and speak out.

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