We get hung up on how

The celebrities go crazy

Overboard on plastic surgeries

Michael Jackson and Lil Kim

As well as many others of them

The simple truth is

Self hatred can run deep

Anyone of us could

Become a victim of it

It’s more than about

A person’s skin color

It could even be

A eating disorder

Not being happy

With oneself on the inside

So it shows on the outside

Wanting to be skinny

Have lighter skin darker skin

Or a big booty

The list is never ending

A person who wants to be taller

Slimmer waist and face

Wrinkle free, long hair, pointer nose

Things deeper beyond fancy clothes

A person who does anything

So one can change

One has to fix was wrong

On the inside and then

The outside will match

It’s all about the love

That a person has for themselves


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