How can something

That seems so simple

Become so difficult

I love you

And I know this much

Can’t stop thinking about you

Can’t stop wondering about you

Can’t sleep

Constantly staying awake

Like I have drank gallons of coffee

You mean so much me

I don’t care about being vulnerable

Or who knows

You are my love

And I love you so

You just don’t know

What this is doing to me

It’s a good feeling

But it also gets me in touch

With other feelings

That aren’t me usually

Like jealousy

I can’t stand the thought

That someone could replace me

So when it comes to you

Even my self confidence

Is threaten

Not going to sit here

And act like I ain’t sweating you

Cause that isn’t true

When you love someone

That’s what you do

I stay loyal

Faithful and true

There is nothing

That I won’t do for you

I know that this has

To be real what I feel

Because I have no fear

Of telling you

Or telling every man, woman, boy, girl

At the same time fear losing you

You are a huge part of my world

You’re my vanilla

I’m your chocolate

Loving this swirl

Let’s close our eyes

And give this thing a whirl

You are the only one

I’ve wanted for a very long time

I have been praying to God above

For Him to give me you

My love




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