There is a lady who’s book that I read on my Kindle her name is Christelyn Karazin the book is called Swirling. I follow her blog and her on Youtube as well. Anyway she had a fascinating video recently where a man had his theory on why black women dated white men. His theory was quite laughable to be honest. He claimed that black women are into thugs and that once they where done being used they would go and seek a white man. What I can’t understand is why everyone can accept the gay lifestyle but come up with ways to belittle black women that date outside of their race. As far as I am concerned everyone has there reasons as to why they dated outside of their race however one thing is clear it’s our choice.

I grew up without my father in the home, a neighborhood that was 70/30 black and white, mostly black schools, yet my first love was a white man not black. I am not a scorn black female just like many black women aren’t as well. So all of the hateful theories people can keep them it’s not their lives. The world would be such a beautiful place if people were nicer and wished others well. Different circumstances brings different results are there people who get hurt by someone in their race and decide that they want to date out of their race sure. Still I know females who gave up on men altogether there’s no difference. Everyone has a right to make their own choices and we should be responsible believe or not we will have to answer for them later. People can get hurt by anyone of any race just like people can be love by anyone of a different a race if it’s meant.

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