God I don’t want to complain

Or pray for something

To gain

I only want these words to remain

I just want to thank You

For everything that You do

For allowing me to see

The gift of a new day

Blessing me to be

The best person that I can be

The person that I am destined to be

Someone who is passionate

And ready to walk

Down the path that you direct for me

For having the knowledge

As well as the confidence

In a strong faith

For the many tests

That You helped me to pass

Which became testimonies

Thank You for what you do daily

For making my burdens light

And a future that is bright

A family that unites in times of trouble

Like Job You have blessed me double

I know with You I won’t stumble

You give me courage to keep me stable

To look  at trouble not in fear

But as having an expiration date

If I had a million tongues

It still wouldn’t be enough

So I ask You to look into my heart

And to hear my praise


Because You are worthy

God I just want to thank You




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