Regardless of what people say about the Bible I refuse to not read it everyday. The way that the Bible has impacted my life I simply can’t find the words to explain. I cannot speak for everyone else but I can for myself. There are points of my life that became out of control when I stopped opening the Bible and not having a relationship with God. I went about things my way and off of emotions thus my life experienced a downward spiral. There is no shame when I share various events in my life I have to support the reason why I feel as I do. So very proud of my testimonies and I pray that they are able to help somebody just one person is a whole lot.

As I have shared about my failed marriage sadly God wasn’t in it and how I went about having my children. If I had a relationship with God and read the Bible at that time I would have went about things differently. Still everything happens for a reason it took me to mess up to see what I needed to do. I don’t want to go a day ever without God. He has brought me through so many times bad ones that became good ones. It’s so much more than the good things that God has done or what He continues to do it’s about what I have learned as well. I’m not ashamed to say that I need Him because I do everyday that I live.


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