There have been three words that have been on my mind and they are bitter or better. There’s no one who has not encountered hardship. How do we allow it to affect us? When it comes to a horrible past it’s best to have a bad memory. Unless we are speaking of a testimony of course if we are still bitter we aren’t healed therefore we are hurt which won’t make us better. A hurting person must be careful because not meaning to could hurt someone else with their words or actions. It’s important to make our  mark when we go out into the world and that our presence makes a positive impact. As I always say I’m not a preacher or teacher. I’m Tameeka. Sometimes moving on from a situation where a person hurt us and never apologized may mean we have to face that they may never will. We should not allow any pain of negative experiences rob us of our joy. There is so much life to live so live it we owe it to ourselves.




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