Yes we try to smile

But behind it

Lies a pain

That’s unbearable

And so very horrible

It’s when someone  special dies

It causes so much hurt inside

No matter how much

Time goes by

Still feels like the day

That the person died

We miss them so much

Wishing that they

We’re still here on Earth

There will always be

A huge hole in our hearts

A band aid nor a first aid kit

Can not fix the damage

Still with God’s help

We try to manage to

Take it day by day

As long as we remember them

Thinking of all the good

That they have done

We can carry them in our hearts

All we can do is try

To understand God’s plan

Of who He chooses

To call home to Heaven

We have to trust

This will help us

Believing and knowing

That we will see them again

May God comfort us always

During our time of sorrow


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