Even though this is my first blog there are a few things that I have learned thus far. If everyone agrees with everything that you say than your not being real enough. My whole goal with my blog is to talk about things that people think about but are afraid to speak about. So when a topic that is rarely discussed is brought up it sometimes can cause a ruckus. Still it won’t stop me from bring it up. I’m not a negative so I’m mostly positive however assuming that life for a Christian is all peaches and cream is not being realistic. Christians have there ups and downs as well therefore people should not have their eyes fixed on us but on one who we put our trust in which is Christ. If one looks at us focus on our testimonies and how we endured. Besides that we are human just like everyone else.

I am open to other people’s opinions and suggestions too. The more that you know the more that you grow. In this last month I have gained so much knowledge from many bloggers whether it’s pertaining to writing skills, getting new followers or ways to overcome writers block this will be a very interesting journey for sure. The most important things about this journey is I get a chance to really look within me as well. This is definitely a fantastic learning experience and I’m so glad that I started this blog. There is so much more to come from Be Lifted. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Tameeka’s Opinions

  1. Wonderful post! And yes, being a Christian is not all peaches and cream at all. Sometimes I feel like a walking target but the Bible never said Christians would breeze through life. But great post, and don’t be afraid to be you! You’re wonderful (:

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