Everyone knows where I stand on love as far as I am concerned love has no color. Yes I am down with the swirl. Therefore I am I interested in dating white men and I’m ready to accept what comes with it. I have seen the backlash that black women get for talking about dating outside of their race. We are attacked constantly like doves during hunting  season. The number one thing that’s asked  besides their claims of self hate is”With so much that’s going on in the world why are you dicussing your love life.” To me why not with all the horrific things that’s going on let’s talk about some goodness and being in love is a fantastic thing. So let’s share the good news please shall we.

I love all kinds of music, poetry, so many different things most black men who share my interests are into white women and that’s true facts. I want to be with a man who I can be me and that’s okay. He embraces who I am completely not partly. Doesn’t make me feel like I am trying to be someone else when all that I am being is myself it’s something that I cannot help. There was a time years ago when I would hold back who I was because I was being a people pleaser well that’s no more. Life is too short to not be happy. In my life besides caring about what God thinks it’s about what and who makes me happy.

2 thoughts on “Interracial Dating

  1. I’ve never understood why people were against interracial dating in all honesty. People will take in things of all cultures but when it comes to interracial dating then all of a sudden it’s taboo.

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