God is a God of second chances still when is it okay for us to offer it. When should we be open to giving something or someone a second chance.  There are so many scenarios and it’s best to look at both sides of the coin.  First and foremost  pray to God  for me many situations in my past would have went smoother had I done this. As everyone can tell I’m an optimist and a realist as well it’s like driving you have to be an offensive and defensive driver. Another thing about me is that I can be incredibly stubborn it takes a lot for me to give up on anyone or anything however when I do I’m done.

We have to evaluate what’s worth giving something another try and what isn’t. It takes removing the blinders and being completely honest about a situation. For instance like being in a relationship or marriage and our mate hurts us. Now let’s be clear anytime we take a chance in love there’s a chance of getting hurt maybe not intentionally it still happens. I guess it’s about looking at what took place and  filtering whether it was a choice or a mistake. Like with cheating it is a choice always still what made the person cheat its a selfish act absolutely I believe in scratching beneath the surface always. Did the person who cheated feel ignored?  Were they deprived of intimacy? Is the person who cheated selfish? Whatever answer that you come up with is how you move forward.

Forgiveness is something that we must do it’s not just for the person who hurt us but for us as well. When we forgive it sets us free from bitterness. We should not confuse forgiveness with trusting a person again. To forgive is to not hold a grudge and trusting leaves room for the opportunity of a second chance. Just because we forgive a person it doesn’t mean that we allow ourselves to be hurt again.


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