Sexy- sexually attractive or exciting

I am very inquisitive I believe there’s no such thing as a dumb question. If you don’t know ask it never hurts. Question: Are Christians allowed to be sexy? Some people think that being sexy is about the clothes that one wears that is just part of it I feel that sexy is being confident and tasteful at the same time. People have different opinions on certain words. For me I feel why not be sexy just don’t go overboard. It’s fine to be sexy for your husband what’s wrong with making sure that you are the apple of his eye. Doing things like staying fit and always looking close to how you did when you two first met. Ask a person that you trust whether or not if what you are wearing is appropriate. If it makes you feel uncomfortable then chances are it isn’t.

There was a picture floating around the internet pertaining to a lady who was standing in church if what she wore was appropriate for church. Now this is not what I  mean also in this situation I believe that she may was just coming to the faith perhaps it was all that she had. It’s never good to judge, a picture may can speak a thousand words but which one of them are true? Unless it comes straight from the horse’s mouth what you think holds no value really. Perhaps the very lovely Marilyn Monroe said it best “Your clothes should be tight enough to show you’re a woman and loose enough to be a lady. Sexy is being confident and classy at the same time. Yes when we decide to become a Christian there are things that we are to no longer do that’s so true that includes our attitudes and choice of clothing too. When the holy spirit is within us he will definitely be our guide.  I think that God doesn’t mind us being proud of the temple that He gave to us. Just not too proud of course.

4 thoughts on “Can Christians Be Sexy?

  1. Of course, Christians can be sexy. Everyone can. There was one sentence in your post that caught my eye: always looking close to how you looked when you first met…… Why?! We change. Part of the beauty of our lives is changing and when we have a partner we change with them. Side by side. You don’t have to, actually I believe you shouldn’t look like you did in the beginning of a relationship. Now you are stronger, you have grown, it is okay for your body to change from childbirth, illness, or accidents or whatever. That is part of your growth and your sexiness. Oleana

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    • When I say make sure that you look as you did when you first met because some people tend to get comfortable and let themselves go. Over time the body does change grey hair and a little extra weight. A wife should always after God be the apple of her husband’s eye. Do whatever it takes to never lose the spark of in marriage.


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