No one knows what God

Has in store for us

So let’s be open to the possibilities

Of what love could bring

It can catch one off guard

Happen suddenly

Maybe today there’s no telling

People who are already in love

Should want others to have it

If they are truly in love anyway

They want to see others

Experience the same thing

Don’t allow anyone to tell you different

If they are then lose them

We all deserve to have happiness

So ignore and get rid of negative people

Play attention they are easy to spot

The ones that don’t celebrate your

Success or come up with excuses of

Why you should not have it

Surround yourself with people

Who wants to see you smile

Take advice from successful

Couples in love

And those who lost love to

Knowledge of both of these

Lessons in love are valuable

It’s will help one to understand

What they should and shouldn’t do

So your love life has a fair shot

Don’t be afraid to let go

When it’s the right person

You will definitely know

It will be someone

Who isn’t afraid to show

Their love for you

It will be mutual

And will make your

Relationship official

No one deserves to be hurt

So take your time

And never rush

Love is a wonderful feeling

It has powerful energy

Such a blessing

Love can send a person

In any kind of form

Love does not

Come with a manual

Love has no color

No weight amount

No height amount

No age amount

These things place limits

Expanded the bracket

Cast that net

Far and wide

No telling what you may get

Allow this kind of

Thinking to become a habit

Preferences can sometimes

Make you narrow minded

When it comes to

Love be open minded

So you can experience

The right connections

Many times our true mate

Are always someone

That we would never suspect

So keep your eyes open

And your heart too

In the meantime

I pray that your true

Love finds you

I really really really do



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