Good Morning!  It’s time for a pep talk. There’s no time limit when it comes to healing everyone is different and therefore handles things differently. If you have lost a love one it gets better day to day but you will always miss them. I lost my mother in 1997 and it still feels like yesterday. What I have learned as long as we remember them they will always be with us. If you are suffering from a broken heart you will heal in time. Take your time to heal I’m not saying to dwell on it but it’s not good to act like you fine when you are not. Kinda like when my quarterback (Tony Romo) got hurt and came back too early he ended up being out for the entire season. More than likely he had people in his ear asking are you heal yet we need you. Which brings to something else don’t talk to people who aren’t empathetic. You know the ones who will go as far as to tell you to get over things lose those kind of people right away. You will heal eventually don’t rush the process. God is a excellent comforter and listener He won’t rush you as a matter of fact He will carry you.

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