My dreams are like a

Beautiful getaway to Spain

I day dream of being swept away

On the wings of a beautiful dove

You are the only one

Whom I want to dream of

I dream just so

I can see your face

Don’t have to count sheep

All I have to do is close

My eyes and I drift off

To sleep very quickly

Your  face is tattooed in my mind

So you are not hard to visualize

When I close my brown eyes

I will be dreaming of you tonight

In this dream I will be

Holding you close

Like a bear hug

Never wanting to let you go

You are in my heart

Whether I am dreaming

Or wide awake

Every dream that I have

Of you the settings

Are always in a different place

A beach, a park, Paris

In my dreams we talk

We are happy and smiling

Then for some reason

I begin to worry

Probably because I sense

That I soon will be awake

Then you whisper to me

That it’s okay

That you won’t be away

For too long

Night time will come quickly

Then I  will be back to sleep

So I dream

And we can meet









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