The biggest question isn’t whether God exist or not as Christians we know the answer to that. It’s are Christians allowed to have any fun? Once we make the decision to follow Christ the things that we once did that we weren’t suppose to do we stop doing mostly. Some of things that we did are things that we still struggle with to quit doing after all we are still human. Sometimes God takes away what we struggle with right away and some lead up to being a testimony. I still listen to secular music and watch the Walking Dead praying that I stop doing them both soon really ain’t trying to go to Hell. That’s the reason why outsiders are afraid of coming to our faith they feel that their lives will be boring. What they fail to realize there’s never a dull moment when you have the Most High in your life. He gives kisses from Heaven 24/7.

Well take a look around at all the things that God created for our enjoyment mountains to climb, blue skies, butterflies, beautiful oceans, starry nights and cool breezes. There are so many things I know that God intended for us to live wonderful lives. It’s some of the man made things that gets us in trouble. Or the things that God made man placed added touches on it example secular music. Along with other things and we know what they are no need to go over all of them.Perhaps the way to stay focused is forgetting about the things that we don’t do any longer and remember the reason why we should. If we keep this in mind we won’t feel like we are missing out on something. Doing the right thing isn’t boring it keep us healthy mentally and physically. The mind is a battlefield we can win being focused on what God told us it’s meant to help not hurt unlike the things of the world. If it takes having the heart of SpongeBob square pants let’s do that. God says when two or three are gathered together in a His name, there He will be in the midst. Christians can have fun too which is the best way when the holy ghost gets involved watch out now. Ain’t no party like a Holy ghost party because a Holy ghost party don’t stop. So have fun and enjoy life with God as our host.


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