A young lady that I have been knowing every since she was a teenager got married yesterday. I was happy for her she came from a long way. She truly deserves all the happiness that her heart can hold. The wedding brought up some things that was still inside of me.They were things that were apparently lying dormant. I struck out with my first marriage my plan when I got married was to be married for life. Unfortunately it didn’t turn out that way and guess what it’s okay. We live and learn. I’m glad that I learned it would have been horrible to not gain anything at all from the experience. She’s an awesome person truly. It was amazing seeing her as a bride I still keep seeing her as a teenager. What a gorgeous bride that she was. Simply beautiful.

If I could give her some advice about ways to keeping her marriage solid. The number one thing I would tell her would be to keep God first. Also keeping the line communication open all the time never make your husband feel like he cannot talk to you. That out of everyone that’s in his life the wife is the one he should feel comfortable with the must. Never allow outsiders to interfere within your marriage there’s nothing that cannot  be worked out just have to have the want to. To make everyday feel like your wedding day.  The list could go on forever mainly work on your marriage daily because it’s a team effort. Never give up on the one who you truly love. Always make your hubby feel like a king because that’s what queens do. Anything worth having is worth fighting for. Enjoy the destiny that you two will have together. Just Be Happy.

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