One thing that I am instilled

Into my sons minds early

It’s healthy to say how you feel

Whether it’s sad,mad,or glad

It’s doesn’t make a man less than

A man because he’s in touch

With his feelings

Keeping feelings bottled up

Is not good at all

Women and men are both human

We require the same things to live

Food, water, air, love etc

The problem is when men

Were boys they were taught

That their feels were to be surpressed

They’re told all during their boyhood

Not to cry but to be a man

But once we are women

We expect them to express

What they can’t

It makes no sense

It’s not the right way

If a man feels some type of

Way then he should say it.

Without any delay

We speak of maturity

And the way that men act

When in fact we helped to

Contribute to that

Men being numb and cold

Yet we want them to step into

The loving nuturing husband role

Allow boys to express their feelings

Early and what amazing

Men they will grow to be

The mentality of men

Who show emotions are wimps

Logic must be ripped away

Christ even weap if He can

Do it so can everyone else

We all need to get a clue

And admit the truth

Men have feelings too





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