Turn it off

Please turn it off

Turn the radio off

I am so sick of some

These rap artist of today

All they ever talk about

Are cars, women, drugs

And Money, Money, Money

Like is there anything else

That comes to mind

Something more creative perhaps

KRS One please school

These dudes I swear they have no clue

I know that it’s everyone’s dream

To have success but please

Give it rest

You don’t want to come off

Like you are obsessed

Money, Money, Money

No matter how much that you have

There’s still many things

That it can not buy

Like your way into Heaven

Or even Hell

However with the way that some of you

Are acting it’ll definitely get you in

Without paying a cent

You can fool yourself all you want

But there is an after this

Whether you want to believe it

I just hope and pray that

Some of you guys gets it

Money, Money, Money

Gives you wealth but

It can’t buy you good health

Nor true happiness

Even if you were to buy

Everything that you

Want and need

You will always feel empty

Like something is missing

Money, Money, Money

After you buy everything

It really means nothing

I know for me

I’m not money hungry

As long as my boys are happy

My bills are paid

Heck throw me my Boaz

And I’m content

That’s what makes me happy

To me that’s a blessing

No need for bragging

But appreciating

Which is something

That all the

Money, Money, Money

In the whole entire world

Can not buy




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