Before we were even born

God already had our

Lives designed

True history

So we have to decide

Are we going to hold on to

What people say or think of us

Or what God has for us

We can’t hold on to both

People views are always

Changing it’s just too much

To try to keep up

It requires too much focus

People’s opinions holds no value

Why stress behind words

Which are more than

Likely inaccurate

If we have people who constantly

Talk about our past then

That’s where they belong

So blast to the present

And prepare for the future

Don’t need people on our team

Who keeps a tally our faults

But when it comes to them

The pen doesn’t work

What was one of the lessons

That was taught in school

Pertaining to records of history

Recounted by people

It was Leif Erikson

Who was the first European

That discovered America

And not Christopher Columbus

We had the past all wrong

So on that note allow

Positive words to keep us strong

If our name is not rightfully

On it than we don’t own it

Do not I repeat

Do not inherit negativity

It’s not meant let’s

Lift our heads up high

And smile we owe

It to ourselves

Focusing on the wrong things

Will cause us to miss out

On our blessings

Remember God has many

Wonderful things in store

Which are the best

Get ready

Step into your inheritance

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