No I’m not tripping

Yes I truly believe

Whether you are in

A relationship or married

Everyone is entitled to a

Certain level of privacy

It’s important to have trust

In the one that you love

A  phone doesn’t need to be locked

But at the same time

A phone shouldn’t be

Checked through Facebook,

Texts or voicemail

If your love one phones rings

How about don’t answer it

How about forget it

Unless they ask you to get it

That’s trust

Just like staying off of

Their Facebook page

You can’t get accurate information

From that anyway

Doing all this will drive you crazy

Don’t nobody feel like

Having to explain their every move

Always questioning

Oh and another thing

Go out together

As well as enjoy time alone

Everyone deserves an outlet

So don’t blow up their phone

Allow your partner to

Enjoy their space

If you have to play detective

Then you need to reevaluate

The relationship there maybe

Something or there may not be

If you are one with an issue

With trust then chances are

It’s you


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