There is so much to who I am. First off I love being me and no I am not perfect I’m Tameeka and that’s okay. I am as unique as the spelling of my name. There are many things that I enjoy doing like being a Christian, wearing wigs, hair pieces, baseball caps, make up, exercising,  watching football, drinking, coffee, listening to music the list just goes on. For that I opt out of challenges that takes away from who I am simply because I don’t have to prove who I am according to what people think. You just can’t please people I only want to please God He made me and I want to be the best me that I can possibly be. When I say challenges I mean the going natural challenge no weave no makeup as an example to me most challenges are silly anyway. Look I know how I look without makeup and I know that I have hair people stereotype about others and they have absolutely no clue. Even though I have hair I prefer to wear wigs because they are convenient and I have thin hair. My hair isn’t thinning yet praise God for that but I have thin hair and yes baby I have edges. I enjoy wearing makeup not foundation just lipstick, eyeshadow and eyeliner occasionally. Nothing against any woman who wears foundation, blush or whatever it’s her choice as well as her business. Rock On!

All I want to say to anyone that reads this be you and do what you want as long as it isn’t hurting anyone. In my case I’m going to do whatever I want as long as it’s within the Will of God. Everyday is blessing why ruin it by caring or worrying about what people think of you. I’ve learn and this is so true anyone that says something negative all the time doesn’t have your best interest in mind. Something people enjoy making others feel bad because that’s how they actually feel about themselves. They feel bad. Misery loves company. Hurt people hurt others. So don’t allow anything or anyone to steal your joy. Go to the mirror and give yourself a big hug! Do what makes your heart feel joy. I know that I will! Have a beautiful day you deserve it!



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