On my journey with God

I have learned

That sometimes God

Helps right away

And sometimes He won’t

Sometimes He will take away pain

And sometimes He will allow

One to go through

Not to hurt you

But to strengthen you

So that the next time

A challenge happens

You will pass the test

Without stress

You will know what to do

Sometimes God want us

To be an inspiration

To somebody

What an honor

Let’s face it

No one wants to listen

To a person who has no idea

Kinda like applying for a job

With no experience

Experience is the best teacher

One can try to relate

But even that can be done

Only but so much

God has a season

For everything with a reason

Though we may not ever realize

Why things are happening at the time

One thing is for certain

God will end the hurting

I have learned this

Yes I have gained experience

Sometimes God helps us out right away

And sometimes He waits

No matter our fate

Or how long it takes

His timing is great

He makes no mistakes

He is with us all the time

For always

Because He is that kind of God

He is simply wonderful




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