Ahhhhh the good old days

How I miss them

Spending time with

Family and friends

Playing fun games like

Jacks, Hopscotch, Count 4

And many more

Going in the backyard

Playing horseshoes and volleyball

Playing tag and jump rope

Going to the park

Parents telling you to be home

Before it gets dark

Enjoying great movies

On TV and at the drive in

Dawn of the Dead, Karate Kid,Breakin

What fun we had

Dancing the coolest dances

Snakin, Whoppin and DC Walkin

Oh Yes

And we can not forget about the music

Run DMC, Salt &Pepa, Debbie Gibson

Tiffany, Beastie Boys and 3rd Bass

Boys groups

New Edition, New Kids On the Block

And Menudo

Can’t forget about Rock and Roll

Poison, Europe and Cinderella

I will always love heavy metal

The good old days I love them so

Playing video games

Atari and Nintendo

When all real talented women did

Was rap, sing and dance

With their clothes on

Awesome TV shows

Gimme a break, Facts of Life

A-team and Different Strokes

Do you remember the very

First music video ever

I do it was by the Buggles

When MTV really was

Music Television

Because they played

Music videos all day everyday

It was my dream to be a VJ

Rap City and Yo MTV Raps

Maaaannn these memories

Are taking me way back

Those days will live on forever

In my heart and they will never part

Holding them tight always

Here’s to the good old days






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