We have all been told

That there were times

Or will be times

In our relationships when

We seem to be unlovable

Completely intolerable

The condition seemed unsolvable

Still true love is unstoppable

Regardless of the problem always

Remember that God is in control

Even on the days

When we want to walk away

Not want to stay

Having to rely solely

On the love between

Us and our mate

To help the relationship to sustain

Holding on extra tight

To help the love

So it will remain

Making sure that nothing changes

We have to weather the storm

Tough times don’t last long

Sunny days will be reborn

We have to stay strong

Cause we already know

We are where we belong

Don’t want the love to be gone

Yes even on the days

When we seem unlovable

It is those days

We are required to love

One another more

This is for sure

It’s not about the easy stuff

It’s about the hard stuff

It makes us tough

Being able to endure much

Looking back on it

Like look at us

We are still together

Even after all the pain

And all the hurt

We did what it took

To make things work

It was so worth it

To be able to spend the rest of our lives

With the person who

God intended

There will be ups and downs

No matter how long

As long as the person

That we love see

How much they mean to us

Even on the days that they

Or we are unlovable



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