Rule 4 – Understand that if he doesn’t call, he’s not interested

How to Make a Guy Fall in Love

For this I will quote the great movie “He’s just not that into you” (2009). It’s the best way for you to understand. Whatever you think, whatever you felt on that date, whatever he told you that seemed genuine (it probably was genuine – on the moment), whatever your girlfriends think or heard from someone else, whatever you tell yourself: if he’s not texting you, he’s not interested. But don’t panic ! A situation is never completely lost. You can still follow the other rules to win him back. Indeed, if he’s not texting you, don’t text him yourself. You’re just going to push him away more, seem desperate, and hence appear unattractive. And don’t try to bump into him by mistake, for example by hanging out with his friends etc. What you can do is post beautiful photos of yourself, hanging out with  guys. He doesn’t need to…

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