Through out the Bible 

There are instructions given

About how women

Are supposed to be treated

Genesis, Proverbs, Ephesians, 1Peter

Could it be made any clearer

It’s time to look in the mirror

And reevaluate

Making sure the same value

That’s placed on yourself

Are very high and it should

Be placed on your daughter

As well as someone else’s too

It’s important for them to know

That they are valuable

Take to time to read God’s plan

It’s the way that it is for a reason

Mostly for protection

Women are like a precious jewel

Or beautiful flowers

And should be treated as such

By ourselves and the ones

Who we choose to love

Let’s be careful

Not to make a mistake

If a man truly cares

He will wait

Make sure that he’s willing

To do what it takes

Because as women

We are great

Understand there’s much at stake

Don’t allow unhappiness

To be the fate

Because we deserve so

Much more

God has wonderful things in store

We must stay focused

Do things according to God’s plan

He knows what He is doing

Understand that God has a man

That He has that’s meant

To be our husband

It’s our God given

Right since birth

It’s already done

Always remember to

Know your worth



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