The truest love comes

From Our Heavenly Father

Straight from above

Love here on earth comes

When one isn’t looking for

Nor expecting it

When it is found

There’s still work to be done

To keep it

Real love needs to be nurtured

Like a flower

Yet not smothered

True love will grow

If one allows it

A heart filled with love

Looks forward to tomorrow

Where there’s

Hope and happiness

When God is in it

It’s meant

When the right person

Comes along they will perfect

You won’t look for flaws

Because not one thing

Will be off

Real love matches

Publicly what’s done privately

Real love does not play games

With a person’s heart

Love mends where a heart

Has been ripped apart

It brings the strongest walls down

Makes past hurts drown

True love waits around

Real love stays faithful

It stays true no matter what

Someone else tells you

Real love shows maturity and strength

Nothing can penetrate it

Especially not any enemies

Nothing can break it

Because the people whose it’s

Between is fate

It can’t be persuaded

By a handsome or pretty face

Only place there to shout

About a mates mistakes

Real love is real

There’s no room for fake

No room to be confused

Real love is true

It embraces you

And doesn’t use you

You will recognize love

Because you will feel it

It’s a beautiful thing

When it’s true

Everyone deserves to have it

In time we all will have it too

So there’s no need to rush it







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