I can’t tell you

What the future will bring

But I can tell you

This one thing

I love you

And I will always take really good care of you

This is my promise to you

No matter what you do

I mean this from my heart

Honest and true

Like a mama bear

You are my little cubs

I will not go anywhere

This I swear

You and your brother

Are the ones that I am always thinking of

Willing to give you two the

Love that you deserve

Everyday that I live

My love becomes greater

For you and your brother

Are a part of me

When I look into you guys eyes

I see me looking back

I promise to guide you

Through every storm

For every achievement

That is ever born

I will be there to cheer you on

I will always be strong

Never will I ever let you see

A tear that I cry

I don’t ever want you to

Worry or wonder why

You deserve the very best

And nothing less

So that means no stress

God gave you both to me

For that I am blessed truly

With all the joy that you two bring

To my heart

So I will do my part

By making this promise to you

I will always take great care of both of you

I give my word honest and true

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