The back up plan aka the rebound relationship. No one wants to be a victim of a rebound relationship. Love and basketball don’t go together I don’t care about the movie. The only rebound I want to know about is in the basketball game not in love. It makes a person look like a clown and clowns are for kids like Trix cereal. So let’s be an adult about adult situations after a break up feel the pain and reflect on what has happened. If the relationship hurt you let it burn like Usher. Relationships ends for various reasons two people were in it and both people big or small had a hand in the demise of it ending. It’s not cool to bring someone else into your life as a way to ease the pain. It’s okay to be single it doesn’t hurt it gives one a chance to work on oneself. Love is something that can’t be rushed so take it easy.



It’s so important to analyze the person that you are dealing with especially when the relationship is new. Make sure that they are over their ex there will be warning signs so don’t ignore them. They may talk about their ex all the time even in a negative light however they still are talking about them thus they are not I repeat not over them. Also be careful that you aren’t being used to make their ex jealous that’s also a sign that they still care for their ex. Yes it’s pretty pathetic for them to try to make a person jealous who didn’t care about them in the first place however people still do it. Growing up we’re taught to be a good sport that second place is okay. That being number one doesn’t matter please keep in mind that this doesn’t apply in relationships and marriages. No one deserves to be treated as something to do until the person who didn’t want them in the first place feels like being bothered. If the person valued them in the first place they wouldn’t have let them go. So don’t open yourself up to being hurt.


Keep this in mind always we deserve the best in our lives. Life is too short to be deprived or playing games with people.

Don’t be the appetizer

Be the main course

Don’t be the minor

Be the major

Don’t be the back up plan

Be the only plan

Because you are first choice

Don’t be someone’s right now love

Be someone’s lifetime love

Our hearts are valuable and fragile

Never allow loneliness or any type of circumstances to drive you into the arms where you don’t belong. The last thing you want is to be with the wrong one and miss out on the right one all because you didn’t want to be alone. Don’t be a rebound it makes you look like a clown and no one likes to be the butt of someone’s joke.


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