At times the holidays can deliver mixed emotions for me it’s suppose to be a joyous time but I already know that someone somewhere is going to try to make it lousy. Research is a awesome way to gain knowledge but where did the books that we get our information get it’s information from? It’s just a thought. Why can’t people believe what they want and agree to disagree? For me Christ has brought me through so many times being homeless with my kids, pains in my stomach, raising a child with autism alone, heck raising two children alone, and so many other times. As I have said I’m not here to preach but to let my experiences speak for me. Not trying to be deep I just want to thank Christ for dying for me…..dying for all of us.


He is risen

He did it for you

He did it for me

So that we all

Could be sin free

Washed cleaned

A new beginning started

When He went to Calvary

Performed the biggest

Miracle and blessing

A wonderful gift to us

We were given

All of our faults

Have been forgiven

He has risen

He is risen

Praise God

Praise God

He Is Risen





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