1992 may not mean much for some people, it was the year when a seed got planted into my subconscious. My Cousin Vinny had a part in the movie that stuck out to me. It was the porch scene when Mona Lisa Vito she was talking to Vinny she goes “My biological clock is [taps her foot] ticking like this.” that one little line would get me into trouble nine years later. In my twenties I was in a rush to do everything and placed a time on when important events were to happen. I have since learned that anything that requires a long term commitment allow the biological clock to tick. The last thing that should be done is forcing something that should not be. In my opinion the saying “You make your bed hard now you have to lay it” should not be forever for anyone.

We should not act like an ambitious entrepreneur or a pushy car salesman when it comes to pursuing relationships or having children. These situations effects more than just one person. I know  that people always say that we must be careful who we have children with because we are stuck with the person for 18 years. I disagree having a child with a person is a lifetime commitment just because a child becomes 18 doesn’t mean that they will no longer need you. When the children graduate from college, get married or have their very own kids guess who else will be there besides you? I’m not being negative just realistic. As a matter of fact we should base these kinds of decisions on how our partner would treat us in case things don’t work out. A person who truly loves a person would not want to see the person hurt even if they are angry with them.

Real love is true love that at times have it’s ups and downs which should not be confused with red flags. Ups and downs in a relationship is when the love has been tested and proven that it’s meant. Therefore a relationship  that is meant one puts in the work to keep it. Red flags are signs that have been popping up from the very beginning but they were ignored. Most times when a relationship is not meant family and trusted  friends can see that it’s not. People on the outside tend to be able to see things better  than those that are on the inside. It’s important to be wise about these things. Also sometimes loneliness and low self esteem can a play role how things get viewed. It’s all about realizing that we are worthy of the best. Single people should look at happy couples as an inspiration of what destiny has to bring but it won’t happen by rushing it. I truly believe that every person that comes into our lives are for a reason. Still some are for a season and some are permanent it’s all about knowing that difference. That is why I have learned to ignore the biological clock it can tick away I trust God and I know that everything will be okay.


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