I’m your biggest fan

I will give all the support

That I possibly can

Willing to do things that

You can see

Like giving you encouraging

And super uplifting speeches

Rooting for you will be no secret

Or things that you can not see

Even if you were to stare

Like my nightly prayers

Anything to show that I care

Just know that my support

Will not go anywhere

My friendship is not fair weathered

It’s durable like Tupperware

With the strength of DeMarcus Ware

You better believe I will always

Be there

Believe this it’s not always about

What you can see

That holds the most importance

Like air

Without it we would not last a minute

Never forget or doubt

Cause my support is like a winning

Ticket that’s in your pocket

All you have to do is cash it

Never doubt the strength

Of great support

As they say in the game of spades

The strongest cards are the ones

That haven’t been played

Just to let you know

I am here always

In every kind of way

I will do whatever

I can for a friend




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