Like having pneumonia or the flu

I’m love sick for you

A stuffy head

That’s filled with all kinds of thoughts

A dry cough that

Leaves my throat tickly

My stomach swarms with butterflies

Sneezes that are accompanied with blessings

Wheezing that leaves me breathless

Your love has me feeling helpless

A chest that holds a warm heart

I’m overflowing with so much love

You give me fever

My body is burning

My soul’s on fire

Your love takes me higher

It’s only you whom I desire

Yearning constantly

All these feelings are ones

That I have never known

A new chapter in my life has been born

Your love is in a class of it’s own

Even though these feelings make me

Feel so uncomfortable and vulnerable

They are still very much welcomed

And they help me to feel alive

My senses are tingling

What a sensation

All of my symptoms

Thankful for love

What a wonderful creation

I want it to stick

Don’t want no cure for it

Cause I am love sick

And I love it






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