Let me start off by saying

That you don’t have to be a man

To appreciate the wonderful sport of football

Preseason, Postseason, Playoffs, Pro Bowl and Super Bowl

It doesn’t matter the season or reason I lose control

My team are the boys

In  the silver, white and blue

Win or Lose

I stay faithful

I stay loyal

I stay forever true

Counting on number 9

To coincide with the offensive line

I am a strong believer

In our Wide receivers

Linebackers, Cornerbacks, and Safety

Protect the goal line

Don’t let the opposing team score

Not even a field goal

Come on defense

Put up that Iron Curtain

Come September

I will be yelling at the T.V screen

Doing my football dance

Calling out the referees

On their bad calls

I love football

I will represent

To the fullest

And I am so excited

Watching my team play

It gives my heart great joy

How Bout Them Dallas Cowboys










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